Project Description



Inspired by the exhibition, Young Gainsborough: Rediscovered Landscape Drawings- in collaboration with the Royal collection Trust, National Gallery of Ireland, Dublin and Nottingham Castle- this year’s Teenage Art School (TAS) explores how artists respond to place, combining AI, text and image to produce statements about our lived environments.


As Practically Creative, artist and engineer duo, Laura Robertson and Jared Holden blend their combined knowledge of Art and engineering to produce installations with an AI twist. Be guided by these artists and artist-producer Sas Yates to work creatively with collage, photography, drawing and AI, developing contemporary work for an exhibition at York Art Gallery from 1st October.


Experimental Gainsborough Workshop hosted for 5 days for sixteen students//

Engaging students in traditional art movements such as Renaissance and Rococo drawing relevance of experimental nature vs. modern and meta modern art//

Exploring surrealist games//

Using open source software as a means of access to advanced technology//

Repurposing Hardware thanks to recycling programme ITReuse York //

Creating analogue and digital collage for data input to ai //