Project Description



The John Lally International Foundation is a environmental charity set up to promote the conservation, protection and improvement of the natural environment. Started by a local York resident in 2003 inspired by the memory of a friend and fellow environmentalist, John Lally, who died in 1995. Read more.
The charity has grown over the years with several large scale environmental projects in the works put forward by the committee and board of trustees with regular volunteers. Planting trees is just one simple, clean, positive thing you can do, locally & globally.


JLIF’s biggest challenge was advertising and publicising the work that this little ‘local’ community charity was actually achieving. Working internationally and locally to promote environmental awareness worldwide it is an urgent appeal to promote conservation and growth of greenery.
This non-government organisation required a strong authentic digital presence that resonated with their message and brand voice yet functionally streamlined their internal volunteer sign up / donations processing. Also the charities committee required internal communication support as current systems were outdated and didn’t meet the requirements of the charity.


Collating the vast data and digital media that has been produced over the charities 16 year history//

Establishing cloud storage for committee to have access to data in one central location//

Brand redesign and identity documentation – redesigned for a punchy, sleek new identity that works alongside the newly unified web design//

Highly functional new website – custom code forms to streamline internal processes //

Social media set up and strategy//

Digital Photography for press release and marketing purposes //

Set up a local categorised chat system to avoid disjointed information//